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Understory can build the foundation for your sustained success


Detailed Intake Process

On LinkedIn, we build precise audience profiles based on your ICP and enhance targeting with your first-party data, ensuring personalized and effective ad campaigns.


Simultaneously, on Google, we conduct thorough keyword research, identifying high-intent and relevant keywords, to attract users actively seeking your products or services. 


Campaign Strategy Development

This process begins with a detailed understanding of the client's objectives, whether it's lead generation or brand awareness. 

We then work to develop highly personalized creatives - eye-catching creatives for paid social media and writing targeted, effective copy for Google Ads.


Technical Ad Account Set Up

Our process begins with configuring your CRM to ensure it captures and organizes all customer data effectively, laying the groundwork for personalized marketing and sales strategies.

We implement conversion tracking on your digital assets, enabling precise tracking of user interactions and enhancing the targeting and retargeting capabilities of your ad campaigns. 


Campaign Launch

At Understory, we implement robust guardrails for testing and scaling campaigns, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in identifying and managing campaign performance.


Our process begins with a structured approach to testing, where each campaign is meticulously evaluated against specific criteria and performance metrics. This rigorous testing phase is designed to identify any potential issues or underperforming aspects before a full-scale launch.


Continuous Campaign Optimization

By leveraging data analytics, we continuously monitor and adjust the campaign in real time, ensuring maximum engagement, conversion, and ROI.


Understory's omni-channel campaign launch strategy is designed to create a unified brand experience, driving meaningful interactions and achieving business goals efficiently.

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Case Study

Scaling Avo's Demo Requests with LinkedIn Ads

"I worked at Google for over 10 years with many performance marketing agencies and Understory is one of the best."

Jonathan Pelosi, CBO of Avo



  • Exponential Growth in Demos: From a baseline of 0, Avo witnessed a meteoric rise to over 100 demo requests per month.

  • Cost-Effective Scaling: Despite rapidly scaling, the average cost remained incredibly efficient, breaking below $30, all the way down to $27 per meeting request.

  • Successful Incentive Strategy: The $50 gift strategy not only incentivized demos, but also bolstered Avo's brand image as a generous and customer-centric company.Despite the lead magnet being a $50 gift card, 71% of attendees ended up booking a second call.

  • Enhanced Brand Presentation: With revamped graphics and persona-specific prompts, Avo's campaigns were very visually appealing, and resonated with their target audience.

  • C-Suite Engagement: Through targeted strategies, Avo successfully initiated conversations with key decision-makers, paving the way for countless potential collaborations and partnerships.

Who We Are

Experienced sales-minded marketing consultants specialized in scaling SaaS organizations.

At Understory, we specialize in paid media management, graphic design, and cold email outreach for businesses looking to achieve measurable results.

Whether you're looking to launch a new campaign or optimize existing ones, we have the skills and experience to help you succeed. Let's work together to take your business to the next level.

Meet the Executive Team

Your Demand Generation Experts

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Ali Yildirim

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ali has experience managing and scaling multiple ad accounts spending $1M+ a month on paid advertising at some of the top startups in Silicon Valley. His strategic approach to managing marketing campaigns has developed predictable pipeline for high growth sales organizations time and time again.

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Alex Fine

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer

Alex has been a top performing sales and consulting executive at Fortune 50 companies and technology start-ups alike to deliver consistently explosive growth. Alex understands what it takes for B2B companies to drive revenue from pipeline creation, to strategic deal structure, all the way to conversion. His unique blend of technical and commercial skills enable him to deliver repeat success for Understory clients using a full-funnel and multifaceted approach.

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Alin Matei

Head of Design

Alin is a seasoned lead designer with a remarkable track record of over 15 years. His expertise lies in crafting product designs that not only captivate but also drive sales. His passion for helping customers bring their visions to life through innovative and market-savvy designs has made him a trusted and invaluable asset in the world of design.

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